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Conventional coated abrasives tend to dull quickly in a glass repair operation. 3M’s unique Trizact™ Structured Abrasive Film provides long lasting, consistent cut and finish while minimizing the abrasive disc change-over and slurry clean-up.

The set includes:

1 x A35 Disc

1 x A20 Disc

1 x A10 Disc

1 x A5 Disc

1 x Cerium Oxide Disc

Trizact abrasives are made using a process of microreplication, whereby tiny 3D pyramids of fine grade abrasive mineral are uniformly distributed over the surface of the backing. As the top of these pyramids wears away, fresh cutting mineral is continually exposed to ensure a fast, consistent cut rate that easily removes defects such as scuffs, scratches and acid marks on shop fronts, table glass, windscreens, architectural glass and more to leave an extremely fine finish.

3M Scratched Glass Repair Process

  1. Remove larger scratches and defects using 3M™ Trizact™ Film Disc 268XA (Grade A35) Use grade A35 as the first step in removing larger scratches and defects. A small amount of water triggers the cutting action. Controlled water flow helps reduce heat build-up to keep the glass cooler.
  2. Refine scratches, remove scuffs and acid marks using 3M™ Trizact™ Film Disc 268XA (Grades A20 & A10) Use the A20 and A10 discs to refine the scratches left by the A35 disc. Alternatively, start with the A20 disc to remove shallow scratches, scuffs and acid marks. Apply a small amount of water to start the grinding action. Control the water flow to avoid generating too much heat.
  3. Refine scratches, remove defective AR coatings using 3M™ Trizact™ Film Disc 268XA (Grade A5) Use the A5 disc to further refine any scratches left by the A10 disc. As in previous steps, apply a small amount of water to start the cutting action. Avoid extended dwell time to minimize heat build-up.
  4. Polish and leave glass crystal clear using 3M™ Trizact™ Film Disc 568XA Use this cerium oxide disc for a final polish. To begin, wet the surface slightly with a small amount of water. As you polish, the pyramids of mineral on the surface of the disc will break down to form a slurry-like solution. The polishing action that occurs will remove scratches left by previous levelling steps.

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