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Tube & Pipe Polishing

Pipe Max Tube Polisher

The new Pipe-Max for comfortable grinding and polishing from small to large pipe diameters as well as flat surfaces. New developed damping system with gas pressure dampers makes for very easy pipe adjustments and fatigue-free working.

You can follow the external contour of the pipe with light, uniform contact pressure. The new damping concept with the elastic return roller allows the grinding and polishing belts to be slung around the external diameter of the pipes.

In addtion the soft front contact wheel allows for linear sanding and finishing of flat surfaces, for example to remove scale, spot welds or deep scratches.

The speed is fully variable between 950 and 3500 rpm, a tachogenerator maintains the speed even under load, giving you a constant speed for a consistent finish.

PipeMax      PipeMax      Belt linisher

Pipe-Max belt grinder system: for perfect grinding and polishing on closed and open pipe constructions from small to large.

Pipemax PipeMax Pipemax PipeMax
New developed damping system with gas pressure. The additional handle for comfortable overhead working. The drive roller with the rubber rings ensures that the grinding belts will not slip. Worn rings can be replaced quickly and at particularly
low cost.
The grinding roller is made of PUR-material for very soft surface touch and elasticity.


Pipe1 Pipe3 Pipe5 Pipe9 Pipe10
New damping concept with gas struts allows the grinding
and polishing belts to be “slung” round the pipes perfectly without no great force.

The soft front wheel also allows flat surfaces to be ground longitudinally,
for example to remove spot welds and deep scratches, etc.