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Glass & Perspex Scratch Repair Kits





We have a number of kits for sale with the ability to remove and polish scratched glass, fish tanks, windscreens, shower doors, patio and window glazing, Perspex and various plastic surfaces.


Simple easy to use drill/polisher mounted systems with instructions and products that save you the expense of replacement.


We have a few options depending on what you want to achieve and the surface you are working on:



Cerium and glass polishing compounds with drill mounted felt pads excellent for mild scratch removal and final polishing.

Perspex headlight restoration using wet and dry abrasive pads, felt pads and compound.


An easy-to-use system that uses five grades of disc and water, going from a fine ground finish on glass to absolutely clear! It is perfect for scratch removal, edge finishing and a variety of other applications. No more messy slurries and contamination problems!


Our kits come with a polishing instruction pamphlet.

Pictures are indicative only, are not to scale, product supplied may differ slightly in appearance only.


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