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About Meguiar's

Over a Century of Excellence


Working with Car Manufacturers

Meguiar's technicians work closely with the world's leading automotive paint manufacturers, car manufacturers, car dealers, body shops and detailers to ensure our products are state of the art and user friendly.

Meguiar's serves as a consultant to many car makers around the world on paint quality and paint correction issues in their assembly plants and at the dealership level.

Meguiar's In Australia

Polish Up is proud to now sell Meguiar's country wide. Meguiar's extensive knowledge of paintwork optimisation enables us to offer an unbeatable combination of the best car care products and technical support around. It's therefore no coincidence that the owners of most of Australia's top award winning show cars consult with their experts and their cars are maintained using Meguiar's products.


Supporting the Motor Enthusiast Community

Whether it's cars, bikes, boats or planes, Meguiar's love working with enthusiasts and promoting the passion. They are involved in a myriad of events and initiatives.

If there is a Meguiar's product you like to purchase but can't see it on the website, do Contact Us and we'll attend to your requirements.


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